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GREEN IMPULSE is a start-up in biotechnology that develops new innovative solutions for agriculture It has technical and scientific expertise in the field of plant health and relies on a Patented Technology from the University of Angers

GREEN IMPULSE is committed to the development of innovative agricultural bio-inputs allowing to replace conventional phytosanitary products and thus stop our dependence on pesticides in agriculture.

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Alexandre OLIVAUD president de Green Impulse

Alexandre Olivaud

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and co-founder, Master of Science in Agriculture and Food industry, ISARA-Lyon, specialized in management of innovative project Thomas


Emmanuel Pajot Directeur Général de Green Impulse

Emmanuel Pajot

Managing Director

Co-founder, formerly Research Director and Regulatory Officer at Agrauxine Lesaffre Plant Care and ex-manager of plant disease department at Vegepolys;


Emmanuel Pajot Directeur Général de Green Impulse

Ophélie Dubreu

Research Engineer

Master of Science in Biology of plants and Ph.D student in pathophysiology of plants, University of Angers



Becoming European Leader in biocontrol Synergists*.

Fungi are responsible for nearly half of the diseases known to date in cultivated plants. The fight against these fungal diseases is mainly achieved by the use of phytosanitary products (fungicides). Crop protection has to evolve towards new strategies no longer based solely on the use of pesticides..

In this context, GREEN IMPULSE is committed to the development of new strategie to fight against plant pathogenic fungi to enable better performance and rapid deployment of alternatives to fungicides, especially bio-control agents.

An unique and innovative concept

Our Synergists Technology is based on a fundamentally different approach to Pesticides. Indeed, the fungicides that are used in crop treatment, aim to directly attack their targets, pathogenic fungi, to kill them. Our Synergists Technology, on the other hand, weakens the pathogenic fungi in order to make them more sensitive to the means of natural defenses of the plants. Thus, the products of treatments such as SDP (Plant Defenses Stimulators) associated with our Synergists Technology, are much more effective and significantly reduce the development of pathogenic fungi on plants.

* Synergiste : A substance or preparation that enhances the activity of the active substance (s) present in the plant protection product (s).

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Plant protection in agriculture represents a market of 50 billion euros worldwide, largely dominated by pesticides;

For more than 20 years, new and more environmental friendly solutions called "bio-control agents" have been trying to evolve in this market. They represent 2.8 billion euros in global sales, or 5% of the plant protection products market, but are growing strongly by + 15% per year and should reach the value of 9 billion euros by 2025. In Europe, bio-control agents generate sales of 600 million euros, including 140 million euros in France alone. It is a fast-growing market that should eventually be positioned as an alternative to conventional plant protection products and capture their value more and more.

Source : IBMA Global

Pathogens have developed mechanisms of adaptation to the natural defenses of plants. Our strategy aims to disrupt these adaptation pathways to make them more sensitive to plant defense mechanisms.
Our technology is based on the action of Synergists molecules that inhibit the adaptive response pathways of the main pathogenic fungi in crops. The molecules resourced by GREEN IMPULSE come from natural plant extracts and are complementary to the SDP bio-control agents of the market.

Our ambition is to meet the expectations of arborists, winegrowers and farmers with the major challenges on downy mildew of grapes, apple scab and wheat septoria.


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GREEN IMPULSE is a start-up in biotechnology, specialized in plant disease in agriculture